Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Art of Storytelling

I was always a story teller since childhood or so my folks tell me....

My late maternal uncle(mama) used to fondly reminisce how he would narrate to me stories of the jungle and the animals , of Jim Corbett and the tigers and how the next day I would be narrating my story to him which would be made up and change dramatically with every sentence as new animals would be introduced in the story :) The art of making up stories was within me since then as some would say

My late maternal grandmother (nani) wanted me to pursue Arts and Literature and felt that I was naturally gifted in languages...

Sigh...How I wish that I had paid heed to their correct evaluation of my oh-so-limited talents :)

I feel that there is a storyteller in each one of us.. whether it is a mother wanting to put her child to sleep with bedtime story or the grandparents who want to spend precious moments with the apple of their eyes :) or a naughty kid at school wanting to get out of doing homework... stories have always been an integral part of all our lives since childhood...

Story telling does not mean using flowering language or big words... It's definately not English Literature appreciation course :)
Story telling is an art of captivating your audience and transporting them to the place of the story through words.. It is a powerful art and needs to be honed and mastered

Imagine you are in sweating in the sultry hot humid Indian climate and through the story are transported in the windy and rainy climes of London or freezing snow of Alps.... And that my dear friends is the true power of the storyteller