Monday, April 11, 2016

Happy Siblings Day

From wanting to write biweekly or at least weekly to not writing for over 3 years.. Its been long and uneventful absence from the blog sphere.. I have been inconspicuous and how... But now I am back into my world (pun intended) and for good..

I realized that the best motivation to write regularly came from within and no amount of New Year resolutions and  push from well meaning friends and family was going to do the trick :)

Instead of waiting for a special occasion or perfect day to write again I choose to write today & coincidentally as Face Book memories reminded me that it is Siblings Day.. Happy Siblings Day it is...

So this post is dedicated to all my siblings...

So isn't Sibling supposed to mean real brother and sister asked my aunt and I replied technically the definition in dictionary says that siblings are brother or sister having at least one common parent.. But I choose not to take the literal meaning of the word and instead wish all my sisters and brothers today.. And not just that I wished my best friends who are like my sisters & also my Rakhi brothers who have stood the test of time and relationship...because the relationships are defined by the heart... Don't we say that friends are the family that you choose?

I generally don't believe in celebrating specific days.. I mean wishing your friends on Friendship Day or your father on Father's Day or mother on Mother's Day is fine but the point is why only on that particular day right.. friendship is meant to be celebrated lifelong every single day why restrict that for only one day?
But the point that we miss in all this is that that day is just an occasion or a reason for you to verbalize or make the person feel special or important or demonstrate to that person his / her importance in your life..
Generally we intend to take people close to us like our parents, siblings, spouse or even best friends for granted and we dont demonstrate or verbalize our feelings towards them because it is not required and we come from generation where it is considered filmy and unreal to express feelings loudly and on face...

But I suggest do try to do that and see what happens.. Not only do you feel good about expressing your feelings but the effect on the other person is worth watching :))